Daily Devotion, Pray With Pastor Edith Igbinidu

“For my seed shall be prosperous, my vine shall give het increase and my heavens shall give their dews and the LORD will empower me to possess my possessions.” ( Zech. 8:12). God shall preserve you, and you shall be superior over those who laughed at you. Your heaven shall pour down rain of blessings. God shall endorsed you with an excellent spirit. The LORD shall be your defence, and protector. God shall preserve you from evil arrow. God shall connect you speedily with divine helpers. God shall connect you for divine favor. The LORD God shall bless you and keep you. May God direct your path today. God shall give you wisdom daily. May you see the hand of God in your life today. May God programme your life according to His divine purposes. May God give you the spirit of endurance. You will not give up before your blessings manifest. God shall put out the light of your enemies. God will turn the plan of the wicked upside for your sake. You shall experience divine intervention. God will show you mercy, and change your season to His original plan for you in the name of Jesus

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