Daily Devotion, Pray With Pastor Edith Igbinidu

“Thus saith the LORD God, It shall not stand, neither shall it come to pass.” Isaiah 7:7
May the glory of the righteous God be seen in your life. May the hand of grace rest upon you. God will lift up your head above your enemies. Your hands shall be in the neck of your enemies always. God will give you speed in life. May God announce and recommend you. May those monitoring your greatness for evil be consume by the Consuming fire. Heavens shall be open upon your glory. Sudden darkness will not cover your glory. May God not be disappointed with you. You shall fulfill your divine destiny. May the hand of grace rest upon you. Joy unspeakable and peace shall be your portion. God shall direct your path. You are covered with the blood of Jesus, therefore no weapon formed against you shall prosper. May God move mountains to bring you into your place of fulfillment and increase grace. Your expectations shall not be cut off. May the mercy of God undo all that the enemy has done. May you receive that which is yours from the LORD in the name of Jesus.

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