Daily Devotion, Pray With Pastor Edith Igbinidu

“He catches the wise in their own craftiness and the counsel of the cunning comes quickly upon them.” Job 5:13. Bless the LORD God for His mercy, and preservation of your life. May your cup overflow with God’s blessings. May God take you higher and upward. Me shall compete to bless you this season. May your joy overflow with rejoicing. You shall not see shame. God will contend with your oppressor. Any powers the enemy is using to fight you, will fail them. Anyone that blesses you shall be blessed. No evil shall befall you or come near your dwelling. God will frustrates the devices of the wicked against you. May you go from increase to increase. God will clothe your enemies with shame. May those who plan for your downfall, shall see your up rising. The evil that the wicked planned against you, shall come to nought. May the hand of God rest upon your going and coming. May your life be seasoned with God’s grace. Holy Spirit shall order your footsteps, and you shall be at the right place at the right time. May divine favour of God be your portion. May God give the blessings that will last your generation in the name of Jesus.

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