Daily Devotion, Pray With Pastor Edith Igbinidu

Psalms 46:1, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”
God will preserve you. You shall not labour in vain, God will bring down any power or anyone that wants to bring you down. May your name be continually, graven upon the palms hands of the LORD. God shall cover you with the shadow of His hand. God shall strengthen you, God shall beautify your life with His fullness. You shall be establish in righteousness. Great shall be the peace of your children. You shall be far from oppression; and terror will come near your dwelling. May all that gathered against you scattered. The waster shall waste your enemies. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. May God show you mercy, the sure mercies He showed to the David. May God continue to guide your path. May the spirit of God possess your spirit. May your soul be joyful in the LORD. May God cover you with His robe of Righteousness. May the grace of God overshadow you, and His blessings shall be surplus in your life in the name of Jesus.

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